Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pulse Stole my Heartbeat

I had the pleasure of visiting the Hirshorn Museum here in D.C. I need to first start off by admitting that I am not the biggest fan of abstract art. However, I was absolutely moved by Rafael Lozano – Hemmer’s Pulse exhibit. I am not a technical person so I am not even going to embarrass myself by trying to explain how he did it. However, I will say that while at the exhibit, I hooked my hands up to a contraption that made an entire room illuminate based upon by heartbeat and projected ripples in water on a huge screen based upon my pulse.

He was inspired by this exhibit after hearing this children’s heartbeat in utero. If anyone has ever had the pleasure of witnessing such a miracle, they can reaffirm the old cliche that “Life is art.”

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